Outstanding ideas need outstanding execution.

Like every piece of art that starts with the first stroke of the brush, for me it began in 2002, when I joined Raja Ravivarma College of Fine Arts for my bachelor’s degree. And four years had changed the way I looked at art. Not just on real medium, but it also lured me to pick up my first camera. Photography intrigued me; how life looks so different from behind the lens. Pictures are worth findbride comments a thousand words right?  It was the first time I had the urge to travel without packing a bag (ask me about Calcutta).
Life is what happens, when you’re busy planning something else; and so, London happened. The opportunity to study Design Communication in Cavendish College, London changed my life forever. It was a new perspective, a new city, new people and something new to learn every day. My art became the narrative for my life. Every illustration, every photograph and every sketch I made, had a story to tell. Advertising became a platform for me to be vocal with art; the final nudge.
13 years and counting, art still intrigues me, keeps me humble and always learning.
I began my career as a Graphic Designer at Alfa Channel, an advertising & event management company, in Cochin. After a year in Cochin, I had the opportunity to work in Qatar, at Advent Worldwide Advertising. This was a different setting for me and much to learn and understand. Having worked there for 2 years did put me through the best and worst of advertising, which are but fond memories now. This is also when I got the drive and decided to pursue my post-graduation, and that’s how London became a part of my life.
While I was in London, I landed a contract job with Woodstock Advertising, which was an experience by itself, and made me aware of the standard and quality in international advertising. As change always brings a new perspective, I decided to move to Bangalore, where findbride comments I started working as Senior Visualizer for AOM Event Management, followed by Maxus Global, where I took role of Creative Manager. In 2013, I joined Langoor Digital, where I moderate creative as a Group Head.