Form follows function, and for a good reason


Breathe life into colours


There are no straight lines in nature


Outstanding ideas need outstanding execution.

Like every piece of art that starts with the first stroke of the brush, for me it began in 2002, when I joined Raja Ravivarma College of Fine Arts for my bachelor’s degree. And four years had changed the way I looked at art. seeking a millionaire Not just on real medium, but it also lured me to pick up my first camera. Photography intrigued me; how life looks so different from behind the lens. Pictures are worth a thousand words right?  It was the first time I had the urge to travel without packing a bag (ask me about Calcutta).

Life is what happens, when you’re busy planning something else; and so, London happened. jewish singles The opportunity to study Design Communication in Cavendish College, London changed my life forever. It was a new perspective, hot ukrainian woman a new city, new people and something new to learn every day. My art became the narrative for my life. Every illustration, every photograph and every sketch I made, had a story to tell. interracial dating sites Advertising became a platform for me to be vocal with art; the final nudge.

13 years and counting, art still intrigues me, keeps me humble and always learning.

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Unibic Happy Ted Packaging

26th March 2019

WIPRO – Hartford Infographics

5th August 2015

Wipro – Earth Hour Poster

5th August 2015

Wipro E&C Website Illustration based

3rd August 2015

Wipro BAS Whitepaper Cover Page

3rd August 2015

Wipro Testing Infographics

3rd August 2015

Wipro – Womens Day Poster

28th July 2015

Paladion Mailer

28th July 2015

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